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Adam grooming Muffin the pony, August 2009 



Although Adam has received wonderful care through the National Health Service, much of the equipment he requires is either not available through the NHS or simply not available at the right time. We have therefore launched The Adam George Fund, to raise money to buy specialist equipment to enable him to have the same opportunities for development and play as able-bodied children.


The first item purchased with money raised by the fund was a powered wheelchair.  The chair, a Snapdragon model built by Dragon Mobility in Cambridge, goes all the way down to the floor which will enable Adam to take part fully in activities with other children.  For more details, see our 2008 News page.  Pictures of Adam in his Snapdragon can be found on our Photo Gallery page.



Adam needs many specialist items of equipment for everyday living, including bath seats, toileting aids and car seats.  He is also unable to use many standard play items such as swings and ride-on toys and will need specialist items to enable him to enjoy the experiences that able-bodied children take for granted and which are vital for his continuing development.

Of course, as Adam grows, the items will need to be replaced and further equipment needs will arise.  He may also benefit from therapies not available through the NHS.  For example, money from the fund has been used to finance treatment for Adam at the Brainwave centre in Bridgwater. 


Adam's Snapdragon wheelchair cost over £18,000.  Ongoing therapy at the Brainwave Clinic will cost £750 a year.  We are actively investigating other items which we believe Adam would benefit from, including a specialist trike.

Update - 5th June 2010: The trike has now been purchased, see our 2010 News page for details.


Fundraising is therefore a continuing task for us, so each and every donation to Adam’s Fund, of whatever size or variety, is very much appreciated.